Dissertation Formatting Requirements

Writing a dissertation is a difficult process and during that, you forget to edit different sections of it and sometimes make very common errors. Avoiding those mistakes is better because no one will read your dissertation if you have such mistakes. After writing, it is best to format your dissertation according to the requirements of your department. The language requirement for the dissertation is mainly English. Foreign students are also said to write their dissertations in English.

Moreover, the dissertation length is more than 300 pages. It is divided into different chapters and sections. Formatting policies might be different for everyone but the general structure of format is explained in this article.

Formatting requirements

Dissertation may look bad if you formatting errors. Following are the editing required for the dissertation:

  1. Page Format

First of all, the pages are formatted in which the page’s size, indentation, and spacing are done. Also, font and size matter which is kept around 11-12 size to make the content visible. The page size is adjusted as 8 * 11 inches and margins are kept at least 1 inch. Spacing of the text involves double spacing, for table content single spacing can be required.

  1. Text of body, figure, and tables

There are different criteria for formatting text in the main body, figure, and tables. For body text, the font is adjusted. The font is used in the main body also applicable to headers and the number of pages.

While in the case of tables and figures, three things are formatted which are captions, headings, and changes in both. Headings of the table are mentioned above the table. This style should be consistent in all sections of the dissertation. The captions are added at the lower side of the figure and table which is in the center position written vertically.

Formatting the figures and tables, figures can also be added alone on the page but within the limit of margin. Tables are usually long so they might go to the next page but it has to be in the center and margins of the page. They both are numbered according to in which chapter they are placed. None of them can contain the same number.

  1. Formatting sections

Another formatting requires dealing with other sections about what content they contain and how they are placed. This may also help you in writing a dissertation:

  • Abstract
  • The abstract is not defined as a chapter but it is a section that consists of a small summary of your dissertation. The page of the abstract should be roman number and assigned iii. The data in the abstract should have double spacing and be justified on the left side. Also, add indentation of each paragraph specifically to the first line.

    The top page includes the name of author’s name which is justified at the right position. The name of the advisors is adjusted on the left side. The dissertation title will be at the center position.

  • Table of contents
  • The table of content also contains the roman number of pages. The spacing should be single and the table is adjusted at the center position of the page. All the content mention in the table should be in order and of a minimum size of 12.

  • The material at the front and back of the dissertation
  • Front and back mean that the content includes in it should be displayed and organize accordingly. So it should be formatted quickly.

    The key point of front material includes a page of acknowledgment, a dedication page, a list of tables and figures, and also keywords.

    The back material includes a page of appendices, references, and other materials.

  • Extra material
  • Extra material is also called supplemental which means that it is an extra part and no need to add to the main body. These may include figures and tables. So they are usually placed at the end part of the dissertation. Any other material is to be added via files.

In conclusion, there is a proper way for formatting the dissertation. The formatting will make your document looked like a professional one and it make the content flow which makes it comfortable for the reader to understand it.