Differentiating the Thesis and Dissertation

If you are planning on taking up further studies after college, you most probably heard about the Master’s thesis and the doctoral dissertation. These are major requirements to obtain the degree that you are aiming for.

So read on to uncover the similarities and differences between the two so that you have an idea of what you are getting into.

The Similarities

1. Both require an in-depth study of a particular topic.

The whole point of a Master’s or Doctorate’s degree is to show the university that you have become an expert in your field. The thesis and dissertation “prove” this as these researches will require much reading and the application of things learned at school.

2. A committee will approve the work.

For both papers, a committee will evaluate the initial proposal and the final work. So unlike a regular class where just one set of eyes gives the final grade, there will be several. Since both papers are complex, different points of view are needed to ensure nothing was left out.

3. An advisor is there to help you

The good thing for a Master’s student or doctoral candidate is that an advisor at Thesishelpers.com is always there ready to help. Some universities may assign one to you, while others allow you to choose. Students should take advantage of having a mentor by asking questions and allowing the advisor to comment on the ongoing work.

The Differences

Generally, the thesis and dissertation are very similar. The differences are in the level of complexity required of the doctoral candidate. Since a doctorate means you are much more than a Master of your subject, the final project must match that level of expertise.

1. The dissertation requires more resources than the thesis

When making a Master’s thesis, you are expected to have consulted around 40 different sources. But for a dissertation, this is around 50 to 100. The dissertation is also required to have a good mix of resources to show you searched far and wide to learn about your topic.

2. The dissertation’s scope is wider and more complex

The thesis for the Master’s degree is much more difficult than anything done in the undergraduate course. A Master’s student is supposed to look into a problem in their field and discover how to improve it or figure out why it is happening.

The dissertation does something similar but at a much broader scope. If the thesis is allowed to just focus on one institution, for example, the dissertation’s scope might be for the entire city (and sometimes even beyond that).

3. The dissertation is expected to take up much more time

For a thesis, if the student sticks to the schedule, it may be possible to finish it within nine months. This is because you need to read a lot and conduct some type of experiment or observation. But for the dissertation, completing everything often takes more than a year, with some students reaching two or three years before they are ready for final submission.


Whether you need a thesis or a dissertation, know that you are working on something beneficial to your academic field. But consider as well the sacrifices that you will have to do to ensure you finish well and on time.